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Hot Spot

Tokyo Sky Tree

Open 2012/05/22

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1st observatory (350m) 2000yen
2nd observatory (450m) +1000yen

average wating time without reservation
weekday 2 hours
holiday 4 hours

form Asakusa station - 1.0 mile / 20mins by walk
form Asakusa station - 140 yen by Tobu Isezaki line

Water Line

This is a kind of Japanese traditional party boat cruising at Sumida river.
about 12000yen / person. reservations required.

[CNN] Yakatabune: Party boats ply the bay

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Tokyo Mizube Cruising Line
Very very good tour for visitor. Only 1 hour.
If you are in Ryogoku and want to go to Odaiba, you can use this line.
In web page, "Both Countries" is Ryogoku. good grief...
Odaiba Seaside Park is realy Odaiba.
1000yen 65min 3th / day

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Chomeiji Sakura mochi
Most famous sweets in Sumida area.
In afternoon that was sold out.
No preservative, so it's not good for souvenir.
Open : 08:30-18:00
Closed : Monday
You may reserve by phone.

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Mukoujima Kototoi Dango
Most famous sweets in Sumida area.
Open : 09:00-18:00
Closed : Tuesday and last Wednesday

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Chanko Nabe - Sumo wrestler meal


Language / Japanese
Kimekomi Ningyou - Puppet
Make a puppet by puttting a costume on the simple animal doll.
Open : 10:00-17:00 Monday-Saturday
Closed : Sunday & Holiday & from 28 Dec to 4 Jan
over 10 years old only. All reservations required.
Price: 2800 yen / person (1000yen course fee + 1800yen materials fee)
free rental : scissors, bond, modeler, bamboo comb

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Edo Komon - Dyeing
Traditional Edo Komon Dyeing process Experience
Reservations required 1 month before.
2 persons at least and 15 persons limited.
Open : 13:00 start - 16:00 end / Monday-Friday
Closed : Saturday & Sunday & Holiday & from 28 Dec to 4 Jan
Price: 5000 yen / person

needs : note/pen
costume : Wear apron and light. The fluttering skirts and blouses are not acceptable. Contamination may be infected. Shoes, sneaker is best.

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Hagoita - old time racket
Now in Japan, "Hagoita" is a artistic craft. But 50years before, children play ball game with "Hagoita" at new year.

Open : 10:00-17:00 (Last start 15:00) Mon-Sat
Closed : Sunday & Holiday & from 28 Dec to 4 Jan
Person : 5 persons at least
Time : 2 hours
Price : 3000yen / person
reservations required

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Edo Kiriko - Glass
Traditional Edo Glass cutting to make pattern.
1 persons ok. Reservations required.
Price: 3360 yen or more / person

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Other Area
The Tukiji Market
From 2011-07-25, visitor can enter auction area.
After Tohoku Earthquake, it's stopped.

Official Web in English
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Sushi Nigiri Experience (1day)/ Google image

Oota Market
Near by Haneda Airport.
Main, flower and fruit.Fish area is small.
Fish auction time : 05:40-
No parking area for visitor.
05:00-15:00, visitor OK without reservations.
Till 09:00, good to see. Main business time.
If you arrived at Haneda in early morning,
by taxi about 2510yen 20min to Oota market.

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