Sumidagawa Wonderland


初代広重 画 1830年頃
founder Hirosige about 1830

#1 Topics

Sorry. This event on 2016 was alredy finished. Please wait 2017 summer.
We would like to inform the schedule till June 2016


Yukata De Guide Tour for foreigner / Program fee about 4500yen

August ??, 2017 (Ryogoku)

Ryogoku is an old riverside town that recalls the flavor of the Edo period.
We would like you to enjoy the cool of a summer evening and something of traditional Japanese culture in Ryogoku.
You can wear Yukata and join the twilight summer tour, starting with the visit to backyard of Kokugikan Arena where Grand Sumo Tournaments are held three times a year.In the Former Yasuda Garden, you can enjoy a tea ceremony, a ko to (Japanese harp) and shakuhachi (Japanese flute) concert, as well as a haiku gathering.
The next pleasure is Night Cruise on Sumida River, viewing Rainbow Bridge and TOKYO SKYTREE(R).Back in Ryogoku,you will be ableto take part in a Bon-odori dance and enjoy street fairs at the Kokugikan-dori Street.

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#3 Model Course

A 水上バス「東京水辺ライン」 両国・お台場クルーズ コース



浜離宮 1

浜離宮 2

浜離宮 3

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私たちは、浅草・両国・向島など江戸以来の伝統文化が 集積する隅田川周辺地域に住む人々とその地域を訪れる人々を対象として、地域の活性化に関する情報の収集・提供、調査・研究、イベントの企画・運営、伝統文化の振興に関する事業並びに各方面に対する提言・支援等の事業を行うことにより、地域の活性化及び観光まちづくりの推進に寄与することを目的としています。

As for people visiting the area and people living in the Sumida River surrounding areas traditional culture of the Edo since such as Asakusa both countries, Mukojima are concentrated, collect and provide information on the activation of the region, surveys and research, we, event by planning and operation of, and the business of the recommendations and support, etc. for each direction, as well as business on the promotion of traditional culture, and aims to contribute to the promotion of tourism community development and regional revitalization.

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Sumidagawa Edo cultural sightseeing promotion association